“If you are considering Acupuncture to help with your body’s aches and pains, Geina is the person to go see! I have suffered with chronic pain for 20 years and while my medical condition cannot be cured, Geina can help manage my pain. All I have to do is call her and say “Geina, I hurt” and I am in to see her for acupuncture to the rescue! Like any true healer, all I have to do is give her my symptoms and she immediately knows what to do, and I get the relief I need. Acupuncture works, because Geina wants me to be pain free and ensures we work together to stay that way. Life is so much better now.”

– M.W.

“I really feel like the sessions with Geina during my IVF experience, transfer and first trimester of pregnancy helped me relax and balance by body physically, while also allowing me to have a space where I could chat freely in a relaxed environment with a warm friend. I went to three other acupuncturists before discovering Geina, and her knowledge, manner and approach changed the course of my health and my life. I am forever grateful for her talents and care.”

Jessica, baby boy born 2016

“I started seeing Geina Horton in late November 2017. I was/am going through in vitro fertilization at conceptions reproductive associates, and they specifically recommended I see Geina for fertility acupuncture. I live in Florida and had previously done ivf in my hometown. This previous attempt failed and I had a very poorly responding left ovary. During my first session with Geina about 5 minuets after all the needles had been put in, I felt a strange tingly feeling all throughout the left side of my body. I asked her about this and she said it was blood flow…turns out she was right because after seeing her 3 or so times a week during the stimulation phase of my ivf both of my ovaries responded evenly and produced follicles/eggs!!!! I was amazed and so happy she was able to improve the blood flow to my left side! Needless to say I continued seeing her throughout my next stimulation cycle and will definitely be seeing her come transfer time. Geina is not only masterful at acupuncture but she is also kind and supportive (and funny!) I am so happy I went to see her and look forward to continuing my acupuncture journey with her!”

Forever grateful
Rebecca Klein

Seventeen years ago I first met Geina to receive help and to heal and recover from my broken collarbone that happened during a crash in a bike race. She continues to help us with one malady or another and in years past with our of infertility issues as well. Geina Horton is our go-to person that rounds out our family health plan!

Mark and Stephanie Adams and the Boys

“After miscarrying and 3 rounds of Clomid, I got pregnant and now have a beautiful baby daughter because of Geina! She is amazing. I’ve been a client for three years and ALWAYS walk out blissed out. Afraid of needles? No worries- Geina will make you feel comfortable and calm. Don’t delay! See Geina today!”

– M.R.

“Geina Horton at Insight Acupuncture is a goddess. She was instrumental in helping me achieve pregnancy, after 3 long years of trying and experiencing a couple of losses. She was wonderful to work with, and was very open to working with an endocrinologist (which I did). She also referred me to another practice in town that does Mayan Uterine Massage. Between the combo of Western and Eastern medicine and lots of support, my husband and I had a healthy and beautiful baby girl in October 2005. Geina was a rock during the entire process and her acupuncture and knowledge of Chinese herbs is unparalleled. She’s the best!”

– J.Z.

“We’ve been seeing Geina for acupuncture for our entire family’s health issues. With the kid’s in school, bad colds used to be a constant problem. With acupuncture and Chinese medicine there are no more seasonal sinus infections or sore throats. We’re all healthier.”

– A.L.

“When my husband and I found out we needed Invetro Fertilization to start a family we were devastated. We felt desperate, helpless and with very little hope. Something that comes so naturally to most couples was becoming so unnatural for us.

That’s where Geina came in. Acupuncture became something natural and organic in a very non-organic process. I saw her weekly throughout the entire process (about 6months). She helped me manage side effects from all the medication, stress and gave me peace of mind. We did everything we could have have a child and Geina because played a key role in getting my mind and body ready to carry a baby. Her experience in infertility is second to none and that shows in her confident practice and bedside manor.

A year after starting my visits with Geina, we welcomed a beautiful red head into our lives and we could not be happier with the support, guidance and kindness Geina showed us during an incredibly difficult time in our lives.”

Courtney Clem

“As a professional athlete I use acupuncture to accelerate my recovery time between races. Chinese herbs are an absolute necessity during my races to keep my digestive issues under control. Geina’s treatments have helped me recover in every way and get back out on the trail to keep having fun and training for the next race.”

Cristina Begy
24 Hour Mountain Bike Racing
World and National Champion

“I went to Insight Acupuncture because of infertility. After a few months of appts. with Geina I became pregnant!!! I am completely convinced that without Geina I would not have my beautiful daughter today. Geina has worked with my lower back pains too. It is so amazing how well acupuncture works! Geina is kind, thoughtful,and has a wonderful sense of humor. I highly recommend Insight Acupuncture. If you need a reference let her know and I would be happy to help!

– M.D.

“Geina has made our dream come true! After four miscarriages, she supported us through two healthy, happy pregnancies (and two healthy happy boys). She also helped my husband recover from a repeat collarbone injury and this second recovery was much faster and more complete than the first without acupuncture and herbs. I have heard stories about acupuncturists that are very “mystical” and begin to dictate diet, activity, etc. and make you feel like there is a real “black and white” path to being healthy. Geina is down to earth and easy to talk to. She isn’t judgemental and she is incredibily supportive. We have referred many friends to her and they all have the same rave review. Geina is the best and if you have ever considered acupuncture (especially if you are considering having children), I HIGHLY recommend her services. You won’t regret it.”

– S.A.

“I call Geina before I call anyone regarding my health issues. Acupuncture has been a way for me to head things off before they become too big and resolve things that have been chronic problems.”

– B.B.

“After being discouraged by medical fertility specialists regarding the possibility of being able to carry a pregnancy full term, I sought out the help of Geina Horton. I believe the acupuncture allowed my body the help it needed to carry my now 2 year old daughter for the 40 weeks of a non-eventful and healthy pregnancy. I am currently pregnant with a second child and visit Geina weekly for pregnancy support.”

– D.M.

Geina’s guidance and support helped me in more ways than I can articulate. After five miscarriages, we were devastated at the thought of not being able to complete our family. We were given less than a 25% chance of having infertility treatment help us to get pregnant. Throughout this time, Geina guided me through the grueling rounds of medications, surgical procedures, and the stress of IVF to finally help us meet our daughter. She helped complete our family and it’s a priceless gift that we will forever be grateful to her for. I can’t say enough about her warmth, love, and positivity that she radiates from within. In the greatest time of need, Geina was like the sun. I’m eternally thankful for her.

Cara S.

“Since the age of 4, I’ve seen countless doctors to manage several chronic autoimmune conditions. Of all of them, my severe eczema has been my most frustrating one to treat. I was skeptical of acupuncture to treat this disease but all the treatments my dermatologists had recommended to me throughout my life simply weren’t working anymore. Geina was upfront and direct with me that if she couldn’t help, she’d refer me to someone else. The results have been life-changing. My hands are immediately less red after treatment and by the next morning, they are typically almost completely clear. I have been truly shocked by my treatment outcome. In all honesty, there aren’t enough words to recommend Geina highly enough. She is incredibly personable and a true professional.”

Laura Fehrenbacher

“Geina has a true gift. She is so at ease doing such delicate work. She made my acuptuncture experiences some of the most relaxing times I have ever had. We now have a bouncing baby girl because of Geina’s expertise and care. We had all but given up after 2 years of trying, miscarrying and being told by a specialist that we were highly unlikely to conceive! I truly believe in the healing that takes place through acupuncture in general and am even more of a believer when that healing comes from someone with such a solid background as Geina.”

– A.B.

Geina is my USA Mum!
I met Geina early on in my first USA visit in 2017 and she was exceptionally friendly and professional. I am convinced that her treatment and resulting reduction in stress played a significant part in the success of our treatment. She was an invaluable support to me when my treatment was delayed and my husband was not with me in the States – nothing was too much trouble for Geina. She held my hand through the retrieval preparations and most importantly through the transfer. Between Dr Greene and Geina’s TLC we are happily 4 months pregnant which is such a miracle and we cannot thank them both enough – a winning combination and highly recommended.

– N.F. , Great Britain

“Geina is gifted at making people feeling welcome and comfortable in her presence. She does an excellent job at explaining the procedure and helping you understand the purpose of what she is doing.”

– K.H.

“I have been seeing Geina Horton for 3 years. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1997. Acupuncture has helped me in many ways. My MS fatigue is lessened after every treatment, I have increased feeling in my leg and my urinary and bowel functions have improved dramatically.

– L.C.

“Geina has been treating me on an every other week basis for carpal tunnel syndrome and job related stress. I have not had to wear my wrist braces for the carpal tunnel since beginning treatment with her and my stress is under control.”

– J.F.