The value of a therapy like Acupuncture leads us to embrace a different kind of healing. My approach comes from the realization that no two people share exactly the same illness and that treatments should be customized for each person’s specific constitution and symptoms. Preventive measures like Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is the key to long term health and can help you take charge of your health to feel better today as well as in the future.

Traditional Chinese medical theory holds that Acupuncture, the insertion of tiny stainless steel needles into specific points at the surface of the skin, realigns energy pathways in our bodies which have become blocked. These blockages hinder nature’s balance and function and prevents the body from performing it’s job of healing itself, best known as a healthy functioning immune system. Western medical views are that needling stimulates the release of endorphins, the human bodies natural painkillers. This subtle approach helps restore balance to the body, mind and spirit.  Also in particular, Chinese Medicine can be an excellent and effective tool to use at the beginning of any disease or for a disease which modern Western medicine has minimal effect.

When it comes to Acupuncture, there is no simple explanation for how and why it relieves pain so effectively.  Three thousand years of practice in Asia and Europe, and thousands of clinical studies, have shown that Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is a complete medical system which attempts to treat a full range of diseases and is proven effective against many illnesses, from asthma to ulcers, back pain to chronic fatigue, insomnia to gynecology. With due respect it is important to note that modern western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine are currently the two dominant medical systems in the world today.

“If you are considering Acupuncture to help with your body’s aches and pains, Geina is the person to go see! I have suffered with chronic pain for 20 years and while my medical condition cannot be cured, Geina can help manage my pain. All I have to do is call her and say “Geina, I hurt” and I am in to see her for acupuncture to the rescue! Like any true healer, all I have to do is give her my symptoms and she immediately knows what to do, and I get the relief I need. Acupuncture works, because Geina wants me to be pain free and ensures we work together to stay that way. Life is so much better now.”

– M.W.