Geina Horton Licensed Acupuncturist
NCCAOM Board Certified

Geina Horton has been Board Certified by the National Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) since 1997 and has been a Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado since 1998. She established her private practice Insight Acupuncture immediately upon graduating from The Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in June of 1998. She successfully completed and passed the Clean Needle Technique Course given by the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and holds certifications in Herbal Medicine from both the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the South West Acupuncture College.

Geina holds the honor of being the first licensed Acupuncturist to become credentialed to perform acupuncture in the State of Colorado in the Operating Room at the University of Colorado Hospital. She has served as Clinical Faculty Member at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  She is also a tenured Faculty Member at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine from where she received her degree.

As a well rounded and classically trained practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she is skilled in internal medicine and able to address a myriad of symptoms and illnesses. These include the treatment of pain, neurological disorders, respiratory issues, problems with sleep and anxiety, just to name a few.

Womens health is cornerstone in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and working with women of every age affords Geina the expansive experience that provides the insight and ability to address most health problems that women specifically present. In the field of fertility, Geina has over the years, developed her own complementary style of practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine in tandem with Western Medicine’s approach to infertility. Treating women who vary greatly in circumstances and choice, she understands the vast sea of assisted reproductive technologies and interfaces them with traditional ways of helping women conceive. She frequently attends embryo transfer procedures providing acupuncture treatments which support the overall goal of successful and full term pregnancies. She is available and on call to provide this treatment for you seven days a week.

As a long time cyclist, her interest in cycling and experience in sports medicine has led her to work as the team acupuncturist for professional bicycling race teams in Boulder and Denver. In 2000 she embarked on a 10 week national racing circuit traveling with a prominent female World and National Cycling Champion working as training coach and Director of Sportif. In 2014 she accompanied the team Doctor in the team car for Team Type 1 Sanofi during portions of the US Pro Challenge which was hosted in Colorado. Back in 2001, Geina rode her own bicycle from Fairbanks, Alaska to Anchorage in five days raising $10,000 for AIDS vaccine research. She has completed the Triple Bypass cycling event riding from Evergreen to Vail in one day and still has a huge network of cyclists that she treats on a regular basis to help them improve and maintain their performance levels.

Geina expresses gratitude to her patients for their continuing support as Insight Acupuncture celebrates a 25th year anniversary in 2023. And with her love for public speaking and teaching, it’s worth mentioning that prior to becoming an Acupuncturist, Geina spent 16 years as a DJ and executive in the music industry. She still loves music and attends concerts but now, on occasion as an Acupuncturist to the Artist pre show. She has hosted satellite radio programs on alternative and complementary medicines and has been a featured guest for television news programs and as an Ignite speaker.  She has also testified on the Colorado Senate floor as an advocate for education and patient safety.