Acupuncture has long been complimented with the use of Chinese Herbal Medicine. Acupuncture aligns and balances the body’s energies through meridians. Herbs treat disease and disharmony by adjusting or altering the body’s internal energies.

With thorough diagnosis, Chinese Herbal Medicine can address an individuals health concerns in a very personalized way. Ancient formula’s can be modified to treat modern illness. For example; two different people can experience headaches in very different ways with various symptoms. While one may experience insomnia with the headache, the other might sleep well but experience digestive issues instead. This is why the ability to modify a formula is important. Treating both the root (cause) of a problem and the branch (symptom) can immediately give a person relief and the body can begin the healing process on a deeper level and at a quicker rate.

Insight Acupuncture carries a selection of freeze dried herbal powders that are combined for you personally on the premises. Powder formula’s are prepared with hot water and are taken orally as a medicinal tea. A variety of patent medicines are also available in pill form. Herbs may be recommended during the course of treatment to help expedite your recovery. The natural energetic nature of plants can gently correct deficiency and excess most likely without the side effects that harsher drugs can cause however it is NOT recommended that the use of prescription medicine be discontinued unless advised by the doctor who has prescribed them.



“As a professional athlete I use acupuncture to accelerate my recovery time between races. Chinese herbs are an absolute necessity during my races to keep my digestive issues under control.”

– C.B.